SIP Manafactured Startups

If you’re new to the SIP industry, (or expanding an existing operation) C&A specializes in assisting companies setup all phases of manufacturing to ensure efficient and quality panel production

Used SIP Equipment

C&A maintains a library of contacts for all possible options for making and processing panels. We have a limited inventory of used SIP equipment ready for shipment. C&A also has established relationships with dozens of companies that manufacture equipment, tooling, and custom solutions for SIP processing.

SIP Training

Since 2006, Al Cobb has been the go-to trainer for the SIP industry. - Launched in 2006, The SIP School Has trained thousands of students from around the world.

SIP Site Inspections/ Litigations

CAI has a long history of inspecting SIP projects. We are capable of performing on site inspections to assist in all areas of concern.

Installation Support

A trained SIP inspector can make a difference between: On Time & On Budget -Vs- Not If your project lacks proven installation experience, C&A can provide a working supervisor.

Design Services

C&A provides design services to assist in all phases of SIP construction. Our in-house design team provide knowledgeable and direct assistance for creating or reviewing design

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

If your project requires a professional inspection to determine liability, damage, cause of failure, or any SIP related issue, CAI is experienced in providing professional litigation support C&A